New: Our postcards of the Special. These cards are made from a special, high -quality artist paper. The paper is slightly structured and feels pleasant. The production takes place using a light nose color, so that the colors are still as beautiful even after many years as on the first day. If you want, you can even frame the cards. Good to know: All images of our range can be delivered as a map of the Special series. Just tell us which motif you are interested.
Current: The wood and energy prices have risen noticeably within the last 12 months, so that the production and purchase of paper have become correspondingly more expensive. At the same time, our prices have remained the same over a long period of time. We therefore ask for your understanding that we have now had to adjust our prices to the current market situation and increase them moderately in some areas.
Welcome to Arndt Laude Art and Cards! Currently: you will receive a discount of 10% for orders already from 15 cards (independent of motifs, not special offers)! Further discounts already from 25 cards! make sure to check our Special Offers. Also we welcome you as a dealer. Please switch to our dealer page: B2B site. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to to ask us.