Arndt Laude, photographer, artist, publisher:

In 2013 I turned my hobby into a job. After a few photo exhibitions, the idea arose to found a postcard publisher. The aim from the start was to offer good motifs in card form and not only swim with the mainstream, but also to offer unusual motifs.In the meantime, a large range of high-quality, interesting and sometimes rare card motifs has been created, all of them own creations, which always bear the special signature of the photographer.

But I wasn't just interested in good cards. Right from the start, customer satisfaction was and is still the focus of course. For example, many customers are supplied personally. In this way, you can find out quickly and first hand what priorities the customer has, what works well and what the local situation is like. It is my goal to always give 100% and to maintain a trusting relationship with the customer. There is no evening in the strict sense. If something has to be done in the interest of the customer, it can happen at the weekend. I am almost always available.

If you as a customer have a concern. talk to me We find a way.

Arndt Laude